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About Shemaq

At ShemaQ Productions, we champion the extraordinary and are proud of the creative excellence we represent. Our unparalleled creativity and authentic storytelling are focused on creating, producing and distributing captivating and highly engaging digital content, with a strong focus on family entertainment excellence, reality game-show production and other branded content.

Company : Shemaq Productions Limited

Industry : Filmmaking, Production Companies

Service : Healthcare


Caring for people, on and off screen

We’re ardent about creating beautiful and effective content that makes a lasting impact on audiences. We collaborate with teaching hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and researchers to communicate information, raise awareness and share stories. We work efficiently to catch all you need to reach your goal. We understand that videos are personal and can address sensitive subjects, that’s why we ensure that your project hits the right tone. Our talented team will produce the creative that capture your message in its entirety, finding the best way to communicate your story.